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the teens and their sentinal form. From left to right Laurie, Gordon, Drew, Swinton, Scorpio, Taurus, Centaur and Apollo

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the 1994 tv series tattooed teeage alien fighters

Series OverviewEdit

Four teenagers from Beverly Hills, California selected by a blob-like brain alien named Nimbar to fight monsters sent by evil Emperor Gorganus. Gorganus is intent on conquering Earth because it is the focal point for a network of Power Portals that would facilitate conquest of the galaxy. Nimbar recruits the four high school students and with a touch by his finger gives them each a tattoo, based on a constellation in the celestial sphere. When their tattoos flash, this means Nimbar needs them and a power portal appears that they can pass through to enter his chamber. The teens stood atop platforms called "Transo Discs" and transform into Galactic Sentinels, super-muscular warriors with weapons that zap lasers out. When they put their arms together in an interlocking square they form the ultimate sentinel called Knighttron. However Knighttron's power is "finite," and they are only to form him as a last resort. They frequently could be seen in a coffee shop where Drew worked and hung out at Drew's aunt's house. These teenagers didn't consider themselves friends and often put the rouse that they didn't know each other in order for no one to suspect their secret identities. In one episode, a former sentinel Orion arrived on Earth warning the teens not to trust Nimbar.Edit

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Episode List

1. In The Beginning

2. The Note

3. How Time Flies

4. Switch

5. Perceptions

6. Three Cheats To The Wind

7. The Spy

8. Commitments

9. The Quitter

10. The Rat

11. The Ghost Warrior

12. The Brain Drain

13. Trust

14. Mind Games

15. A Nightmare on Rodeo Drive

16. The Universal Hitchhiker

17. The Y Files

18. Gordon Cries Wolf

19. The Cover-up

20. Bully For You

21. The Leech

22. The Opiate Of The Future

23. Déjà vu

24. Penny For Your Thoughts

25. The Chocolate War

26. The Monster Among Us

27. Mr Popularity

28. Turncoat

29. Winner Takes All

30. Beverly Hills 902-Oblivion*

31. The Imposter

32. Ozone. O Moi

33. The Glitch

34. The Last People On Earth

35. Emperor For A Day

36. The Primal Scream

37. Take Two Galactic Sentinals And Call Nimbar In the Morning

38. The Psychiatrist - Part 1

39. The Psychiatrist Part 2

40. It s a Gorganus Life

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