Octopus alien



First appearance

Three Cheats to the Wind

Octodroid is a minor antagonist in the series.


Octodroid is an octopus-themed monster. He has the ability to turn freshwater into saltwater and drain the moisture from others. Emperor Gorganus sends Octodroid to turn the freshwater into saltwater. During the fight between the Octodroid, Drew's essay was eaten by Octodroid. When the Galactic Sentinels turn the tides against Octodroid, Emperor Gorganus withdraws Octodroid. Octodroid returned and attacked the Nuclear Power Plant in order to drain it of it's cooling water. During the second fight, Octodroid starts to drain the moisture from the Sentinels. The team had to form Knighttron who ends up caught in his tentacles. Knighttron breaks free and Octodroid is withdrawn by Emperor Gorganus. In "The Monster Among Us," he steals a bit of skin from Gordon and makes a clone that is a robot of Taurus. Octodroid freezes the real Taurus. When the evil Taurus is found out, Taurus is unfrozen and Octodroid is destroyed again.


Octodroid is a purple color. He has many arms (far more than the eight of an octopus) and a frightening face.

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