First appearance

In the Beginning

Ninjabot is a minor antagonist in the series.


Ninjabot resembles a samurai more than a ninja and is armed with a katana that could shoot energy bolts. He was able to cause the Galactic Sentinels' weapons to disappear. The Galactic Sentinels managed to knock Ninjabot down causing Gorganus to fire a beam that revitalized Ninjabot. He was destroyed when they formed Knighttron for the first time. In "The Spy," Ninjabot appears in the desert. Gordon is sent to the desert and ends up landing an attack on Ninjabot. Even though Gordon seemingly destroyed him, he learned from Nimbar that Ninjabot wasn't actually there. Ninjabot speaks to Gorganus in "Turncoat," he pledges loyalty to him but knocks him out. He takes Taurus to tell him they can destroy Gorganus, he will take over and leave Earth. Ninjabot even capable of treachery, he can't lie. The Sentinels choose to just destroy Ninjabot.


Ninjabot wears a mostly black outfit. Some parts of it have silver attachments. He wears a mask with a shiny spike on top.

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