Alien blob



First appearance

In the Beginning

Nimbar is a faceless blob and the alien who assembled the Sentinels. He sends the four on their missions.


Nimbar is an intelligent gelatinous blob. He is the protector the Power Portals and counselor to the Galactic Sentinels. He summons the teenagers through a power portal that usually appears right in front of them, in the kitchen of the cafe Drew works at, inside a bathroom or under a table. He grants his soldiers tattoos with his arm, that alerts them to a portal opening near them. He has failed in the past to protect a world from Gorganus and will stop at nothing to insure Earth does not meet the same fate.


Nimbar is a pinkish-tan color. He has no face, body, or legs, but it is revealed that arms can come out from inside of him.

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