First appearance

The Note

Neuragula is a minor antagonist in the series.


Neuragula is a brain monster who first appeared in "The Note." It has two sides of itself: one controlling emotions the other controlling intelligence. Its most distinguishing ability would be its ear-piercing screech. It could shoot laser beams, shoot energy prisons, and could mind control its victims. Its main weakness was having to force himself to use another part of his brain. In "The Quitter," he controlled Laurie with one hemisphere. He made Laurie against time and she quit the team. The Sentinels figured out if they danced, they would confuse him and loosen the hold he had on her. In "Brain Drain," Neuragula drains everyone's brain drains and stores them in a crystal. Gordon is invulnerable thanks to Swinton's wave-blocking helmet and when he touches the crystal, he gains ultimate intelligence. Neuragula tries swaying Taurus to the dark side by defeating his friends but Taurus hits them with the crystal to restore their intelligence and defeat Neuragula. In "Deja Vu," Gorganus made Neuragula have the power to make the Sentinels repeat the same battle over and over, as an result they repeated the same day over and over.


Neuragula resembles a huge pinkish-tan human brain. It has appendages to walk.