A Nightmare on Rodeo Drive
Laurie In Her Undies 6
An embarrassed Laurie in her bra and panties

Air date






A Nightmare on Rodeo Drive is an episode of the series from its first and only season.



The Sentinels are sent into a dream sequence as they go to fight a sorcerer.


  • This episode marks the only time in which a character is shown in their underwear or partially naked. In this episode, Laurie's clothes disappear, revealing her black bra and panties. At first, she does not notice, but then looks down. The camera shows her exposed undergarments, bare midriff and thighs. Laurie instantly tries to cover her undies with her arms. She then puts her arms to her sides and sighs. The viewer now sees her uncovered underwear, stomach and thighs again. Embarrassed, she asks, "Excuse me?" to Gordon (whose imagination caused her clothes to disappear) as she puts her left hand on her hip and her fingers on her panty waistband.

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